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typeset business cards with groff

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The "bizcard" package is a template for producing business cards on 10-up perforated card stock, such as Avery model 5371/8371, using the groff typesetter.

Care was taken with this template to empirically determine accurate dimensions for output. For example, the business card stock nominally described as 3.5" by 2.0" was actually found to be 254 points by 143 points, where a point is defined as in groff (that is, 72 points per inch.)

The result is that all cards on a sheet will be identical, with no creep on the page.


Step 1. Download the bizcard distribution tarball as indicated at the top of this page. Unpack it somewhere in your home directory.

Step 2. Edit the file "my_bizcard.groff", configuring the typesetting instructions within the BIZCARD macro.

Step 3. "groff" the file and preview the output:

  $ groff my_bizcard.groff >
  $ gv &

Note that this package is self-contained; no other macro packages are required.

Step 4. Repeat edit/preview/print until the results are satisfactory.

Tip: use the "Watch file" option under the "State" menu of gv. This will automatically update the preview each time you re-groff the file.

To Do

Draw cut marks in the margins, for use with unperforated cardstock and a paper cutter. (The Avery product--eg. 5377--is not quite as heavy as one may like.)


This package is based on a similar one by Robert B. Herrmann.

Copyright © 2002 - 2005, Wayne Marshall. All rights reserved.
Last edit 2005.03.07, wcm.