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Remote Mail

Need help with your field operations in the "bush"? Looking for the optimal network design for cost and efficiency? Do your users have fuzzy thinking about webmail?

We're here to help! Check out our latest TechNote, Remote Mail: Network design for "bandwidth-challenged" environments.


DSL in Portland

We are back in the USA for awhile, with a zippy new DSL connection!

But we encountered some unexpected issues in our return to the land of broadband. Here are some fixes and workarounds:


A couple new TechNotes:


Site makeover in progress...

For a (much needed!) new look.

Hope it renders nicely in your browser. For best results, check out the latest Mozilla-based products.


the djb way

Some new docs for daemontools and friends, including:

And more coming soon.

By the way, for fluxbox enthusiasts, we recently updated our popular fluxbox styles package.


more djb!

Loads of new docs added to the djb way project over the past few weeks:

And much much more.


Happy New Year!

And just in time to welcome in the new year, the djb way project now debuts with its very own domain:

This is the site to visit for your djb straight, no chaser. Read it, link it, and check back often!

Have a great 2004 everyone!


the djb way rolls out with a major facelift and all new material. This documentation project includes tutorials and resources to help you build the perfect server with djb software. New sections are being added regularly; check back often!


New XpinDoc release!

Check out the latest version of XpinDoc. Now with full namespace support, flexible capture/output modes, stack-based output control, and more! Adaptable to variety of parsers, supplied with interfaces to expat and RXP. The documentation is even approaching usefulness. If you like C and work with XML, this library could be a very useful addition to your document processing toolkit.


We're ba-aack! (Click here for photo.)

Hi! Welcome back to guinix international and "Computing Without Borders"!

For those of you who may have missed us for the past few weeks, we have moved. Our journey has taken us several thousand miles and nine time zones east, from the northern Rocky Mountains in America to the lush shores of Lake Victoria in Africa. We are happy to be online once again, coming to you now--live and in color--from the beautiful green city of Kampala, Uganda.

Our bandwidth is much lower here, so the pages you see may now load more slowly than before. Have patience: we are in Africa; we are showing what can be done in Africa. The full story of our relocation will be published here shortly. In the meantime, as we put the finishing touches on our server, please sit back, relax, and enjoy this site. As always, we look forward to your questions and comments:

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