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An XML parse instance document processing utility library in C

Download Latest Release: xpindoc-0.63.tar.gz

MD5 (xpindoc-0.63.tar.gz) = efb29d069356c93987b7bc496aded283

Previous releases:


MD5 (xpindoc-0.61.tar.gz) = 010e1ad08ee43a9732859b350c835587


MD5 (xpindoc-0.55.tar.gz) = 1b2aa6a63628329023264d107897e227


XpinDoc is an XML processing utility library for C programmers. It provides an architecture for developing XML processing applications. XpinDoc may be built to support a variety of XML parsers. Currently, XpinDoc provides interfaces to James Clark's expat parser, and Richard Tobin's RXP validating parser.

NOTE: the current release of XpinDoc is still alpha quality software. XpinDoc is presently under active development, and is in use now for internal projects. It is offered here for those who may find it interesting and/or useful for their own work.

The release number represents the estimated percentage of completion toward a full production release. Some rough guidelines:


0.00 - 0.49 pre-alpha: unstable and not particularly useful
0.50 - 0.79 alpha: interfaces still evolving; minimal documentation
0.80 - 0.94 beta: features and interfaces mostly frozen; evolving internals, packaging and documentation
0.95 - 0.99 release candidate
1.00+ full release: minor modifications and bugfixes

More information about XpinDoc may be found on the XpinDoc project page.

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