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a library for developing CGI applications in C

Download Latest Source Release: tinycgi-0.31.tar.gz

MD5 (tinycgi-0.31.tar.gz) = b68407cbc6191c01987a5e7b68c735e9


The tinycgi library is a simple and efficient toolkit for programming CGI applications in C.


Step 1. Download the tinycgi distribution tarball as indicated at the top of this page. Unpack it in some convenient build directory.

$ tar -xzvf tinycgi-0.31.tar.gz
$ cd tinycgi-0.31

Step 2. Read the README file for simple instructions on compiling and installing the library. The normal procedure will be something like:

$ make lib
$ su
# cp tinycgi.h /path/to/local/include
# cp libtinycgi.a /path/to/local/lib

Step 3. A basic demonstration program is provided as a coding example and for testing the installation. To compile and install the demo:

$ make demo
$ su
# cp demotiny.cgi /path/to/cgi-bin

Here /path/to/cgi-bin will match the configuration of your webserver. After the binary is installed, view the demonstration in your web browser, http://your.domain/cgi-bin/demotiny.cgi.

The source distribution provides additional information on developing and linking your own applications with the tinycgi library. The source code is released under a BSD-style license. If you find it useful or discover any problems please let us know:

Tip: we like Michel Boland's small, fast Mathopd web server for delivering CGI applications. A daemontools service for running Mathopd "the djb way" is described here.

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